Circle Champions

 Join a Circle. Be a champion. Invest in education.


Synergy's Circle Champions are community and business leaders who volunteer to sponsor and promote one of the six Synergy Circles

The Arts Circle

The College Circle

The Experiential Circle

The Family Circle

The Literacy Circle, and

The STEM Circle.

These Circles raise funds for targeted programs and address the critical needs of our students and families. 

Synergy's Circle Champions will each make an annual "give or get" donation of $5,000 as seed funding for the Circle of their choice. Circle Champions will endorse their Synergy Circle and solicit donations from their personal and professional networks to help the Circle meet its fundraising goals. 

While Circle Champions are not required to attend any meetings or participate in any events, Circle Champions are welcome to participate further by hosting fundraising events and meeting with Synergy staff to set funding priorities for their Circle.