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Your donations make it possible for Synergy
to eliminate the achievement gap in South Los Angeles! 

Now you can direct your gift to one of the six Synergy Circles.
Support the need you are passionate about!
  • The Arts Circle: The arts are vital, and your donation to this circle funds after school arts programs at all three Synergy schools. It will also help us pay for a full-time arts educator.
  • The College Circle: Your donation supports AP boot camp, SAT and ACT prep courses, college application and financial aid workshops, and field trips to colleges and universities. 
  • The Experiential Circle: Your donation helps fund outings that expand horizons and open minds: museum visits, theatre tickets, camping trips, and first flights on airplanes.
  • The Family Circle: Your donation funds our Parent Empowerment Program, which provides workshops and speakers every month to help parents become advocates for their children. 
  • The Literacy/Reading Circle: Today, literacy is about more than knowing how to read and write. Your donation provides teacher training and media resources so our students can be producers of technology and media, not just consumers.
  • The STEM Circle: Synergy's schools are STEM-focused and teach engineering in all grades, K-12. Your donation puts technology, like iPads and 3D printers, in the hands of our students.

For donation inquiries, please contact Rhonda Deomampo, CEO, at (323) 835-5144 or [email protected].

To donate online, please use the options below to select where you would like your donation to be allocated toward.  If you select "General Fund," then your donation will go toward our schools' greatest need at the time of your donation.  You can make your donation with either a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover credit card.  You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to donate online.  Your donation will show up as SYNERGYACAD on your credit card statement.

To mail a donation, please complete the Synergy Donation Form (see attachment below), make check payable to Synergy Academies, and send your donation to:

Synergy Academies
P.O. Box 78999
Los Angeles, CA 90016

All donations to Synergy Academies, a 501c(3) organization, are tax-deductible.