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Synergy’s Core Values:  “At Synergy, we’re all in this together because together we are better.  We bring out the best in each other and in ourselves every day in every way.”

1.     Value Each Individual
  • We believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn and grow.
2.     Teamwork
  • We work as a team and support each other as a family.
3.     Integrity
  • We are transparent, honest, and believe in the importance of building and maintaining trust.
4.     Hard Work
  • We have a strong work ethic, are good stewards of our resources, take initiative, hold each other accountable, and focus on continual improvement.
5.     Encouragement
  • We help each other be the best that we can be by listening, supporting, motivating, and communicating in a positive manner with each other.
6.     Accomplishment
  • We constantly measure our performance to achieve the best results possible in everything we do.