Sharing Best Practices

Since Synergy Academies’ South LA schools have significantly outperformed neighborhood schools on state standardized assessments, many people often ask us, "What is your secret?"

Synergy believes that all schools, regardless of their type and location, can provide a quality education that leads to high academic achievement. However, Synergy also acknowledges that this is not easy, especially in urban neighborhoods such as South Los Angeles, where students must overcome challenges with poverty, gangs, drugs, and other peer pressures.

Synergy has learned over the years how to help its students overcome these various challenges. As part of its mission, Synergy is committed to sharing its best practices with others so that its successful strategies are not a secret.

Overall, we have been told by visitors that they believe that our schools are achieving success because of our instructional strategies and culture of respect.

As part of our 5-year 2020 strategic plan, we will be sharing more specific information about how Synergy's schools are preparing students for academic achievement in college as well as to become future leaders in the workforce.