Salary & Benefits

Synergy's Salary and Benefits Information:

Synergy offers competitive salaries and benefits. Synergy has a teacher and counselor salary table, and newly hired staff are rated based on their level of education, credentials, and years of experience. 
Synergy currently offers free dental and vision benefits for all full-time staff and their dependents. Synergy also offers a choice of medical benefits to its full-time staff from Kaiser (HMO or POS which functions as a PPO), and Synergy's employees contribute toward the cost of their medical benefits depending on the type of plan they select. Synergy also provides $50,000 worth of life insurance for each full-time employee.

Unlike many districts and charter school organizations, Synergy also pays for teachers' Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) induction program in order to help teachers obtain their clear teaching credentials, if teachers meet certain criteria.