Top 10 Reasons to Attend Synergy Kinetic Academy (6-8)

Synergy Kinetic Academy serves 6th through 8th grade students from the South LA community at our tuition-free public charter school. All middle school students receive personalized attention and high quality academics from caring teachers in an environment designed to close the opportunity gap. Here are 10 ways we make our middle school a place where everyone can thrive: 


1. 100% Tuition-Free

Cost should never be a barrier to a high quality education. As a tuition-free public charter school, we aim to close the opportunity gap by providing the resources and access to make high school graduation and a college education possible for every student.

2. Caring Middle School Environment

We love middle schoolers at Synergy Kinetic Academy. We view this period of great growth and change as an opportunity—a chance to learn, to discover new interests and a time to shine. Our teachers and staff have built a caring school where adolescents can feel comfortable exploring their interests and building trusting relationships. We have high expectations for our students in our structured, yet joyful learning environment. 

3. STEM Lab Learning

It’s hands-on, minds-on learning for our middle school students. Throughout their three years at Synergy Kinetic Academy, students actively explore science, technology, engineering and math concepts while getting to know over 40 STEM careers. Each grade level rotates through a variety of STEM lab modules that prepare students for further study and a future career in STEM. 

4. Engaging Electives

Middle schoolers love choice. That’s why we offer highly engaging elective options for our students that complement our already well-rounded academic program. Students can choose to explore their interests and strengthen their skills in Visual Arts, PE, and Music.

Student artwork hangs on a line in a classroom at Synergy Kinetic Academy. The brightly colored art is done with watercolors and black pen.

5. Connected Technology

Every student at Synergy Kinetic Academy has access to one-to-one technology, with Chromebooks and iPads in every classroom. Technology is used to help students engage in rigorous learning through a variety of programs and platforms. It’s one way we are preparing our students to succeed in the 21st century.

6. College-Going Culture

We believe middle school is the perfect time to start preparing for college. We focus on college readiness by preparing students with the social, emotional, and academic skills needed to succeed. We conduct visits to college campuses to get students excited and thinking about their college future.

7. Field Trips, Fun & So Much More

We work hard, but we also love to play. Students participate in several field trips a year–we take advantage of the opportunities for education and culture in our community by extending learning beyond the classroom. We also host a variety of activities like Spirit Weeks, school dances, fun days and even summer workshops for our students. 

8. Free After-School Program and Sports

Our after-school program is enriching and free! Students enjoy a variety of activities that include cooking, robotics, arts and crafts, and more! Our after-school athletics program includes co-ed flag football, girls volleyball, girls and boys basketball, and boys and girls soccer. Parents feel confident that students have a safe and fun place to be after school.

9. Robust Counseling Services

We have one of the best student to counselor ratios in the State of California. Our three full- time counselors help students navigate adolescence, the high expectations of middle school and even peer relationships. We invest in school counseling services as a part of our whole-child approach to learning and growing. 


10. Wrap-Around Community Care

We care about helping the whole family thrive. From sharing community resources to hosting family events, we provide families with information and opportunities to learn together. We also provide a variety of workshops for parents with topics that include family literacy, child development, parenting and communication skills, and mental health that are open to all Synergy families. 

Interested in how we can help build a strong foundation for your student? Find out more about Synergy Kinetic Academy on our website or contact us. Lottery applications for the 2024-25 school year are available now. 

About Synergy Academies

Synergy Academies operates three tuition-free charter schools serving TK-12th grade students and families in the greater South Los Angeles area. Our goal is to close the opportunity gap by offering equal access to high quality teaching, STEM education, and the preparatory skills students need to succeed in college, career and life. Our award-winning programs build confident, capable students who contribute to our exceptional community. Get to know Synergy Academies today: we’re growing minds, hearts and futures.