5 Big Benefits of Our Small Schools

Students come to Synergy Academies for many reasons. From our top-notch STEM education to our thriving community, we have a lot to be proud of. But one of the biggest advantages to enrolling in a Synergy school is also one of the smallest--our school sizes! Synergy Charter Academy serves just over 300 students in grades TK-5. Our middle school, Synergy Kinetic Academy, serves 450 students in grades 6-8 and Synergy Quantum Academy serves about 550 students in grades 9-12. Here are five reasons why our small tuition-free public schools may be a perfect fit for your family.

1. We Know Our Families

We are a tight knit community where staff and teachers know every student - and their families - by name. Parents love the high level of partnership they experience with our teachers and staff to support student learning. The entire family is welcome to school events, such as Family Field Day and Family Science Night. School counselors and instructional support staff at each of our 3 schools also support our community and families to ensure a healthy learning environment for everyone. 

2. We Know Our Students

At Synergy Academies, we value what makes each individual child unique. Our smaller size enables our teachers to understand each child’s academic strengths and areas of growth, and we take the time to support them with additional academic assistance or enrichment. Our students know each other well, too: our TK-12 model enables students to spend years together, developing close friendships and sharing celebrations and milestones. 


  Students and families from Synergy Academies pose for a large group photo in front of a university sign during Family University Visit day.

3. Small is Safe

We prioritize student safety. Our small campuses are co-located with LAUSD schools in a safe and secure learning environment. Our staff know our students personally, and greet students each morning. In addition to our teachers, a team of administrators, counselors, and instructional support staff are available throughout the school day and can connect families to outside resources as needed. At Synergy, there will always be someone looking out for your child.

4. Personalized Learning

In a small school, the support you need is just a question away. With smaller class sizes than many traditional district schools, teachers and staff are able to personalize each student's education, making it easier to ensure everyone gets what they need. Students are also encouraged to explore and find areas of interest. Synergy Charter Academy offers an enrichment program that includes art, dance, karate, and STEM activities for our TK-5th grade students. At Synergy Kinetic Academy, 6th-8th grade students take a STEM Lab class to explore various careers in the STEM fields through hands-on modules. And Synergy Quantum Academy offers two Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathways in Engineering and Computer Science for high school students.    

5. Small Schools Build Confidence

Small schools provide students the space to learn, grow, and get to know themselves. We provide a structured and joyful school environment that supports independence while nurturing student goals and interests. From afterschool and summer enrichment programs at our elementary school to sports at our middle and high schools, Synergy students have the opportunity to develop beyond the classroom with clubs and electives that offer a little of everything for everyone.


There are so many reasons why our tight-knit school setting is an advantage at Synergy Academies. Get to know our small, but mighty, community that’s nurturing the minds, hearts and futures of the children of South LA: visit our webpage or contact us to learn more about enrolling your child.

About Synergy Academies

Synergy Academies operates three tuition-free charter schools serving TK-12th grade students and families in the greater South Los Angeles area. Our goal is to close the opportunity gap by offering equal access to high quality teaching, STEM education, and the preparatory skills students need to succeed in college, career and life. Our award-winning programs build confident, capable students who contribute to our exceptional community. Get to know Synergy Academies today: we’re growing minds, hearts and futures.