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Angela Hou Lin Memorial Scholarship Fund » Angela Hou Lin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Angela Hou Lin Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Angela Hou Lin Memorial Scholarship Fund was created in memory of Synergy's former CEO and founder Dr. Meg Palisoc's mother, who passed away in June 2012.  The Fund will be used to provide college scholarships to Synergy Quantum Academy's graduating seniors.
Donations will be accepted year-round. For more information, please contact Rhonda Deomampo at (323) 835-5144 or
Special thanks to the following donors to the Angela Hou Lin Memorial Scholarship Fund:
*Abraham and Kuang Hua Chen
*Alhambra Hearing Aid Center
*Adrian Chin
*Amy L. Johnson
*Ashwin Vasavada
*Barnabus Chen
*Ben and Janet Ng
*Benjamin Tai
*Bryan Mih and Chui Ling Cheng
*Caleb and Elaine Chang
*California Charter School Association
*Chen and Chi Ming Lee
*Chi Yuan and Mei Tai Lin
*Chien-Tsun and Chia-Yi Chu
*The Chinese University of Hong-Kong, School of Accountancy
*Ching-Ding and Yen-Jen Hsu
*Ching-Nain Tsai
*Christopher Quek and Elizabeth Li
*Chuyuan Xiong and Xiaohong Xie
*Daisy Hsye
*David Hyun
*David Lin
*David and Janice Chen
*David and Maryalice Marsh
*Edward and Shu-Miao Lee
*Elizabeth Oyakawa
*Felicia Tan
*Feng-Ying Lin
*Glenn and Robin Gritzner
*Gregory Song and Bonnie Tang
*Horng Yeh and Wei Kung Liao
*Jack and Marian Sunabe
*Jane Hsu
*Jiefan Jiang
*Jimmy and Angie Fang
*John and Christina Chou
*John and Debra Ann Owens
*John Austria and Angela Chang
*Joseph and Esther Tsai
*Joseph and Hui-Ting Lin
*Joseph and Naomi Hiraga
*K.R. Subramanyam
*Ken Merchant
*Ken and Chiko Chang
*Kirk and Julie Chung
*Kristin Diehl
*The Law Offices of MY&M, LLP
*Lee Kum Kee (USA) Inc.
*Meg and Randy Palisoc
*Melanie Mar Chow
*Mike Tseng and Geri Chi Chen
*Nils A. Kandelin
*Renne Chen Lu, Eric Lu, Catherine T. Chan Ttee
*Richard and Heidi Landers
*Richard and Liu Liao
*Rick Zhou and Jenny Deng
*Robert Trezavant
*Robert Lin
*Sherman Chin
*Shio Whei C. Chu
*Shu-Jen Chen
*Terri Chan
*Thomas Lin
*Tina Chiang
*Tung Yao Chang and Pao Tan Lai
*Tzuoo-Yan Lin
*William T. Lin
*Witton Ng
*Yi-Hsiu Fang