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Building Numeracy

Algebra is a gatekeeper subject and a gateway to college.  For this reason, Synergy places tremendous value on algebra since it is a prerequisite for higher-level math and the sciences, and it is essential for professionals in a technology-driven world.

However, many students, especially in the inner city, are intimidated by algebra and never truly gain a strong foundation in numeracy.  In one local South Los Angeles high school, only 1% of ninth grade students were proficient in algebra in 2011.  This is devastating because it means that vast numbers of students are being shut out of a promising future.

At Synergy, we not only recognize algebra as the gateway to college, but we also know that there is a gateway to algebra.  We believe that in order for students to do well in algebra, we must first give proper care and attention to foundational concepts and skills, such as fractions, proportions, and even multiplication facts. Since students often find these areas overwhelming, we systematically break down concepts to make them more understandable.  Then, with a strong foundation, students can much more easily take it to the next level.