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Synergy is committed to showing that a great public education is possible within the State's funding model.  There's a catch, however. Synergy is a charter school, and charter schools historically received less funding than traditional public schools.

In fact, according to the California Legislative Analyst's Office and University of Arkansas researchers Larry Maloney, Meagan Batdorff, Jay May, and Michelle Terrell, charter schools received anywhere from $395 to $4,666 less per student per year compared to traditional public schools. Since Synergy serves 1,400 students per year, this means that Synergy historically received around $553,000 to over $6.5 million less per year. 

In order to demonstrate that a high quality public education can be provided within reasonable costs, Synergy must fundraise in order to meet the historically higher funding levels of its surrounding district schools.

Your donation will help put us on a par with other schools, and help our kids get the education they deserve.

Please, help fill this funding gap. And together, we can close the achievement gap.

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